History of MoSTRA

The Missouri State Tumor Registrars' Association (MoSTRA) is a professional non-profit organization established in 1975 to promote research and education in cancer registry administration and practice. Furthermore, MoSTRA's purpose is to disseminate information to its members regarding current activities, to promote and offer continuing education to expand the knowledge and performance of tumor registrars, and to seek liaison with professional and governmental organizations which utilize data derived from cancer registries.

It was the foresight of many registry professionals that began meeting in Columbia, Missouri to lay out the groundwork for our association. Led by Muriel (Mickie) Savoy, RN, from the Missouri Cancer Registry Cancer Research Center, the group began having regular meetings to discuss cancer registry activities in their facilities and to share best practices. With NTRA (National Tumor Registrars Association) newly formed in 1974, work began around 1975 to create a professional organization for Missouri Registrars. An Organization Committee began creating bylaws, and coordinating legal work to incorporate the group.

The first Annual Meeting was held on Thursday October 23 and Friday October 24, 1975 in the Gold room at the Holiday Inn West, Columbia. With many in attendance, the group listened to speakers on pertinent cancer topics and finalized the organizational business. The group proudly named the association, discussed each individual bylaw and then approved them. Elections were held for the first officers, and the Committee chairs were appointed by the newly elected President, Muriel Savoy. A banquet was held on Thursday evening to socialize and celebrate new officers, beginning a long tradition that remains a highlight of our annual meeting today. With the final organizational business taken care of the Articles of Incorporation for MoSTRA were signed by Muriel Savoy, Opal Freeman and Martha Smith on October 24, 1975.

Since 1975 MoSTRA has held an annual meeting every fall offering educational topics to further enhance the knowledge of all those who attend. A list of meetings and past presidents has been collated for historical purposes. For all those who have volunteered their time, knowledge and resources to make MoSTRA what it is today, THANK YOU. With members continued support MoSTRA will be able to enhance the lives of registry professionals for many generations into the future. Here is a list of Distinguished MoSTRA Members honored for their dedication.